Boredom: the threshold of creativity

Boredom: the threshold of creative breakthrough, this wonderful unsettling of the plan, the end of contentment; a disturbance, a moment of panic when anything could happen—stop! do not reach for the device to pacify the uprising, do not schedule boredom out of existence.

Do not banish boredom from your life:
it is the stuff breakthroughs are made of!

Boredom signals brain cells to wake up! Take action! Think of something! Quick.

But quick does not mean immediately.

Those wonderfully and fearfully made brain cells need time. Transcending boredom, transforming it into the stuff of miracles, wonders and original thought, takes time. Give it time. Boredom will do the work of making life better, more sustainable, creative, thoughtful, stimulating and engaging.

Do not accept mindless, numbing substitutes
for the spiritual & intellectual work of boredom.

Only boredom can cure boredom. At first, boredom brings on a malaise, a realization that life has grown dull around the edges and requires some brightening up. The walls are closing in and the spirit must fight to stay alive. And so the brain goes to work to solve the puzzle, fix the problem, consider the possibilities. To invent a cure.

Boredom invites us to explore. To be curious and brave. To come more fully alive.

Boredom won’t kill you. The lack of boredom will!

Boredom is not bad. It’s the prerequisite for contemplation, the anchor to our souls. It’s relief from responsibility to sustain the world on our shoulders. The necessary ingredient for creative insights and spiritual breakthroughs.

Inviting boredom into our lives means choosing to be unproductive, offline and otherwise unavailable for a period of time. It means staring at the ceiling, the sky, or a blank canvas. It means idle hands, saying no and making peace with silence.

In other words, boredom can be scary.

This is because embracing boredom is truly a counter-cultural choice with the capability of leading us into more powerful, meaningful, exciting lives. It whispers offers of an infinite landscape to the imagination, access to universal truths, realization of all the present offers. To the newly initiated, it simply means a chance to think clearly, regroup and get back to the basics of living free of pacifying artifice. 

If you need a breakthrough, tuck into boredom for awhile… and let it come to you in that place of staring-waiting-unknowing; that place we seek to banish from our lives to the detriment of letting depth take hold, anchoring us in our own imagination—and places well beyond.

Believe in the power of boredom—