Oil & Water

in the wake of Canada’s purchase of a $4.5 billion pipeline


the choice is not between him or her: who will do the better job, keep their promise


the choice, if we still have one, runs deep underground, informing our future


it’s not between Knightly or Not, but between Oil and Water, the two


never mixing, these options for life on the planet with or without


prosperity of one or two people still alive to wealth

Bowness Retreat


an island of friends

in an ocean of strangers—

we gather

in this house, community-built

cathedral ceilings: two hands tipped together


slanted driftwood

caught along the shores

of counters with men in flannel dress

shirts leaning, to serve cheese on boards

carved by artisans


a refuge for the faithful

toasting glasses gold-trimmed


haunted by love

found out

like storms in the night

sworn, un-sound


in the morning—stories linger,

comforting routines transport,

back then and here again…

so many dishes washed up