I WRITE everyday. To Understand.


  • Welcome. HERE you will find poetry to bless your heart. You will find short (free!) articles for writers and anyone else seeking inspiration. And… you will find out more about me.

  • As a writer, poet and speaker, my PUBLISHED work appears in books, online, in magazines, journals and newspapers. I’m a former journalist, columnist and writing instructor. TODAY I mostly freelance and enjoy working from home.

  • I have a degree in Political Philosophy (B.A.) and diploma in Journalism Arts (J.A.), and participate in theology and writing courses as the Spirit leads (and finances allow)—

  • I LIVE in Western Canada. Born in Saskatchewan, I’ve spent equal time in the mountains and cities of Alberta as well as five years exploring Vancouver Island with my family of four. Today we’re in Edmonton—

  • A CHRISTIAN, I value a wide spectrum of churches and traditions, but lean towards those that respect life’s intrinsic rhythms and highlight God’s goodness, especially through the power of prayer—