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A professional Christian writer for 25 years, I write poetry, essays, articles and books.

I have a BA in Political Philosophy, a degree in Journalism Arts and several theology and writing courses. I’m a former journalist, writing instructor and homeschooling mom of two great children. Today I write from my Home Study, pack lunches for my kids and lead hands-on, creative workshops when asked.

The life of faith, family, friendship and the future excite me. The motif of pilgrimage speaks to me. I love to read out loud, spend time outdoors and go barefoot year-round. In many ways I’m living my dream—in some ways I’m not. As a writer, I get to explore all this—and more.

titles available on iBooks

 Called to Write: your 3-part guide to the journey” — a reflective guide to the three stages of the writing journey: the creative stage, the audience stage and the promotional stage. Knowing where you are can make all the difference to moving forward.

Sky Under Water: poems for where we live” — a collection of poems about the life of the soul, the life of the body and the connections in between.

essays & articles published in:

Chicken Soup for the Soul books (3 Titles), Faith Today, Light Magazine, Prairie Messenger, Centered: thoughts on evangelical spiritual formation, Island Parent Magazine, Calgary Child Magazine, Fellowscript Magazine, Canada Homeschoolers Magazine, Edmonton Journal, Times Colonist, and The Globe & Mail

poems published in:

Prairie Messenger, Crux, Presence Journal, Island Writer, Prairie Journal, and Transitional Mental Health Journal

“The call of God happens where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet,”
Frederick Buechner.


Dayna E. Mazzuca, BA, JA. Professional Writer, Coach & Christian Author.

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